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AUSTRALIA - This video is just to show you a bit of what this women’s like to me everyday

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I’m from the sunshine coast and this a women 44 years old who abuses me the young ABORIGINAL girl everyday (13 years old) I’v moved up here to start a new begining but this seems to be the worst place. to get away from that. I can’t even go to the shops without getting called a little black cunt , little slut, blackdog and every name you could think of FROM THIS ONE WOMEN. The bus driver drops me off at the front of their house where she waits and a soon as the bus leaves thats when it all starts.The bus company is accomadating her for her racist rants beacuse she lied to them so she can abuse me I ‘m so affected but she’s just an uneducated women. (IN THE FIRST PART OF THIS VIDEO SHES SAYING TO ME COME HERE YOU BLACK DOG THE CLIP AFTER IS HER HARRESING US, AFTER THAT IS WHERE IM MENT TO BE DROPPED OFF ON THE BUS BUT IT DROPS ME OFF INFRONT OF HER HOUSE, THE CLIP AFTER IS HER CALLING ME A BLACK CUNT AFTER IV GOTTON OFF THE BUS)… Ill never call a white person that because my granddads White (My mothers Father) My dad doesnt want me to turn out to hate white SO im trying not to, it’s affecting my learning , My neighbors have called the police and they said they CANT DO ANYTHING! AS YOU CAN SEE THEY DONT BELIEVE ME, I have got so many witnesses but the police dont want to take any statements something needs to be done

Thankyou! and that’s my horrifying story i go threw everyday :( LISTEN VERY CLOSELY TO THE WORDS:((((


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