Remember when Madonna was alive?


me: *waves at a dog being walked*

dog’s owner: *waves at me*



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The conflict in Gaza makes me feel so powerless. I want to make a change but as a single, regular person there’s so little I can do.. It just amazes me how people treat each other and how cruel and emotionless they can be. Could you imagine killing somebody? Killing a soul filled with dreams, hopes and wishes? And especially an innocent soul? It just seems so surreal to me.

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Anoniem: i remember in middle school my homeroom teacher said she would give a referral to anyone who said the word "cracker" to a white kid because it was just as bad as the n word in her opinion and many of the kids agreed with her and it always pisses me off thinking about it because many white teachers are responsible for spreading ignorance just because they dislike the thought that they are responsible for peoples oppression.


White people are shocked when they’re called a cracker or honky but completely ignore the deaths and racial slurs of non-whites around the world!!! 

It’s like this:

POC: Damn, cracker, don’t go out in the sun without sunscreen! LOL!

White person: *GASP* What did you just say to me?!??!????

~~ later ~~

Same white person: Ugh. Mexicans always look so dirty. Why do they choose to live in such disgusting places? And also speak English for Pete’s sake! This is America

POC: That’s a really racist thing to say.

Same white person: How is it racist when it’s true? Calm down! Jeez! So sensitive!